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Seeing a hopeful future through the eyes of young artists and Olympians

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Watching the “2020” Olympics gives me such a boost, mainly because of the athletes’ positivity amid so much global uncertainty. We get to ride along with these extraordinary young people and soak up their glorious achievements and infectious hope.

I had the very same feeling recently when writing about a community art project. The Mainstreeter, Old Ottawa East’s community newspaper, put out a call to local artists last winter to design and paint five newspaper boxes. The boxes would be installed in different locations throughout the neighbourhood and my June story was about the completion of the final two boxes—both painted by young women!

I called it a “Mother and Daughter Story” because both young artists were initially pulled into the project by their moms. My own daughter Sydney is one of them, along with Grace Ayres.

I was blown away by the beauty, creativity, and playfulness exhibited in the work of these young artists at such a challenging time. They created their pieces in the middle of a pandemic and while doing online schooling; one in high school, the other in university.

When I walk through the neighbourhood this summer and see the art pieces, it makes me believe in the enduring power of creativity. Their art shines like our Olympians do, in the face of adversity and into the future.

To read the full story, go to:

and click on the PDF. You will find the article on Page 24, 25.

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