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Let the games begin!

As the Games begin in Tokyo this week, I wish every single Olympic athlete well and I thank them for their strength and optimism in the face of unfathomable global adversity. I believe in what they are doing!

I've had “Olympics Mania” since I was a kid. The very first speech I ever wrote and presented in elementary school was about the Olympics. And, like most kids, I fantasized about someday competing in the hallowed Games. I am in awe of the people who devote themselves to actually getting there. They will always inspire me! These athletes are making a difference. They are stepping onto the field, inspiring others and sparking their dreams.

They have learned things about themselves along the way: like how amazing it feels to give something their all. Or how to get through rough patches like a serious injury and grow as a person. Or how to use their minds along with their bodies to do what seems impossible.

They make friends with people from other countries and set politics aside—seeing for themselves how sport can contribute to peace. The athletes represent their own countries at the Olympics, but they also compete for all of their supporters over their many years of training/competing. It may seem like a hokey Olympic dream to some, but even just encouraging people to do sports—to show them how you can make friends, play fairly, and get fit and healthy—can build a better world. That alone deserves a gold medal!

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