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A Message from the Author:

Hello teachers!


Below, you will find some free teaching/learning materials to accompany my young adult fiction books Crash Course, Crushed, and Critical. I have grouped the material by theme, and have divided each theme into the following subsections:

                                                                   1) Understanding  2) Thinking and 3) Creating.  

This approach provides a selection of interesting discussion points for you to use and build upon, rather than a chapter-by-chapter guide with lesson plans. I have designed the questions to foster a deeper comprehension of the book and its themes, and to create a launching pad for wider thinking.


In addition, I am currently developing more detailed teaching/learning materials and would love your feedback so that I can do the best job possible for you and your students.


Please contact me at with any suggestions you may have for this endeavor.




Crash Course:  Teaching Tools

Crushed:   Teaching Tools

Critical:  Teaching Tools

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