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to the website for Ottawa-based author Tanis Browning-Shelp and the Maryn O’Brien series for young readers. The series, published by Dog-Eared Books, follows a teen mountain bike racer and the obstacles she faces as she strives to make it to the Olympics. All three volumes in the series, Crash Course, Crushed, and Critical are available now. Check out the many features for readers on the site.


Tanis Browning-Shelp



Mud-splattered, sweat-stained, and perpetually on the brink of a crash, fifteen-year-old mountain bike racer Maryn O’Brien’s dream is to make it to the Olympics. She trains hard and races harder, all while juggling school and her many other responsibilities. It’s not easy, but it’s doable-until her racing coach suddenly gets suspended just days before the most important race of the season.


More focused and driven than ever, Maryn O’Brien has her eye on an invitation-only Canadian junior development program, is hungry for a win at the provincial championship, and can’t wait to finally show her mettle on the Canada Cup circuit. But then love enters her life and she finds herself at a crossroads.


Now with Canada Cup racing experience under her belt, rising star mountain biker Maryn O’Brien plots how to pedal her way to the top, even mapping out her critical path to the Olympics! The teenager believes she’s got it all figured out—that is, until she doesn’t.

Maryn is knocked sideways when a close family member

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Good News 

You can purchase digital copies (ePub) of the Maryn O'Brien

series directly from the publisher Dog-Eared Books.

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